Meet The Team

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Alyce Holmes

“Muscular pain and dysfunction specialist”

Our stories are like trees. What once was a seed in the soil is now a living organisms growing and growing everyday, surviving different and extreme weather conditions but still standing tall and growing…

The seed of my journey starts at the age of 13 where I had my first ever massage to help with pain that I was experiencing. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a myotherapist then; my career choice comes much later. At the age of 16 we were expected to know what we what to do with the rest of our lives. I wanted to get into Oenology (wine science) and by the time I graduated I received an offer to Study at Deakin in their oenology course. But being a course about alcohol I had to be 18 years old to study, where as I was only 17. Naturally I deferred and worked for a year in a bank and bar. As re-enrollments were coming up I received a letter stating that my Oenology course was no longer available, but they offered a Bachelor of Science. Shattered by this letter I decided I would take the opportunity to study science.

My first year of university was great; I was still conflicted. I still didn’t know what I wanted but I had to try to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t what I was looking for. So I transferred the following year and studied commerce for another year. Again this was not what I wanted. I decided to finish up with university until I found a career path I wanted to take.

My next venture was a car sales woman during the GFC. This was very interesting although again, not where I wanted to be. Shortly after I took a short course on massage therapy to try something completely different and finally something in me ignited. I wanted to learn this craft of helping and healing others.

I applied for the course as soon as I could and immediately accepted an offer from Kangan Institutes’ Myotherapy course. I received not only an outstanding education but I took away a multitude of experience, knowledge and self discovery. After my first year of study with Kangan I was awarded runners up student of the year out of 30,000 other students. I was given leadership roles within our student clinic and other areas of study. I actively searched for a job in the industry as soon as I could to get as much experience as possible. The owner at Norbu Day Spa saw something in me and gave me a chance. I worked there for almost two years until I could move over to a remedial clinic. One of my teachers encouraged me to apply for a job at a remedial clinic she worked at. Shortly after I applied and got the job at Body Active Therapies.

I worked at Body Active until I felt I wanted more out of the work I was doing. I finished up there after a year and decided to go out and start my own business. With recommendations from past co-workers I developed a close relationship with CrossFit in Richmond and have worked with them now for the last two years. My clinic is expanding more and more every day. Currently my career tree is past the seedling stages and starting to grow taller and stronger everyday.

Life does not always go as planned but it’s the journey that makes us who we are!

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Leigh Gladman

Leigh comes from a sporting background, having played football for 15 years at a regional and squad level, competed in state level athletics and a couple of seasons of tennis. Other physical activities he partakes in are surfing, cycling and drumming. His knowledge of the bio-mechanics in these activities and sports adds to the quality of his treatments. He enjoys devising treatment plans that coordinate with the training plans of his clients so they can perform at their optimum level whilst training and competing in events. Leigh has recently graduated from his Myotherapy studies and is going on to study Reflexology over the coming months.